Lytes Cary Manor

Intimate manor house with Arts and Crafts-style garden Lytes Cary Manor is an intimate medieval manor house with a beautiful Arts and Crafts garden where you can imagine living. Originally the family home of Henry Lyte, where he translated the unique Niewe Herball book on herbal remedies, Lytes Cary was then lovingly restored in the … Read more

Tintinhull Garden

Delightful formal garden The garden, complete with working kitchen garden and orchard, lies in the charming village of Tintinhull, Somerset. Glittering pools, secluded lawns, colourful borders and clipped hedges provide the perfect spot to relax and unwind away from the hustle and bustle. Discover the gardens ‘My garden is, I think and hope, a happy … Read more

Montacute House

Glittering Elizabethan mansion Montacute is a masterpiece of Elizabethan Renaissance architecture and design. With its towering walls of glass, glow of ham stone, and its surrounding gardens it is a place of beauty and wonder.Sir Edward Phelips, was the visionary force and money behind the creation of this masterpiece, which was completed in 1601. Built … Read more

Barrington Court

Discover the echoes of history in the heart of Somerset, in breathtaking gardens and working orchards Discover the haunting echoes of the past at Barrington Court, a Tudor manor house free from collections and furniture. Explore using your imagination and your senses to discover a house full of memories, where light fills the rooms and … Read more

Glastonbury Abbey

Visit the Abbey Generally speaking people come to the Abbey for three reasons. First, they want to see a living Christian sanctuary that may have been the site of the oldest church, and was certainly once the greatest Abbey, in the country. Second, they come because they want to see the possible burial place of … Read more


For an unforgettable family day out, visit the World Heritage Site of Stonehenge.  Located near Salisbury in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside, it is a highlight of the South West. The true meaning of this ancient, awe-inspiring creation has been lost in the mists of time. Was Stonehenge a temple for sun worship, a healing centre, … Read more

Stanton Drew Circles and Cove

The village of Stanton Drew preserves the third largest collection of standing stones in England. Yet, perhaps because it lies off the beaten track, its remarkable prehistoric stone circles have not received the same level of interest and exploration as the more famous examples at Avebury and Stonehenge. This obscurity, and the lack of modern … Read more

Sherborne Old Castle

This ruin of a 12th century castle in the grounds of a mansion, was built as a fortified palace and was in the ownership of the Church until the 16th century. Now a romantic ruin, in the grounds of the New Sherborne Castle, it is a great day out for all ages. After withstanding two sieges … Read more

Meare Fish House

The Fish House was built for Glastonbury Abbey in the 1330s. It stands in a beautiful position by the site of a long-drained lake (the ‘mere’) on the Somerset Levels. The building’s design shows that it was not meant, as usually claimed, for processing or storing fish, but as a house. As such it is … Read more

Glastonbury Tribunal

A fine, late 15th-century stone town house, with an early Tudor façade and panelled interiors. Now contains a Tourist Information Centre and the Glastonbury Lake Village Museum. Approaching Glastonbury today, it is hard to imagine the town dominated by the great abbey church, once as large as a cathedral; Glastonbury Abbey was one of the … Read more